My History

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Music is a form of self-expression. It allows us to express ourselves through sounds that we like and we have already heard, by trying to reproduce it from time to time. Music is an art, like painting. Feelings are expressed according to our experiences ....

"Music begins where speech is powerless to express. "

Since my childhood, I grow up rocked by years of Disco, Funk and 60s.
Going through Hard-Rock, 70-80 years, dance, trance music (in all forms), techno, industrial, not to mention the gospel and Gregorian chants, RnB, and finally house music, progressive house and electro in all its forms.

At 16, I began to mix on two turntables SL1200 MK2 hard to get... and with technology evolution, audio cassette wave, the turntable console with mp3, it gets easier.

I am not into extravagance, I like music and I like to share what I feel through sounds and my sets since 1986 ... I've never worked with a famous DJs and i am quite lucky reaching the level i've today, I like what I do.

My stage name is Jay-B aka "fallen angel," I am not here to make shade to anyone, I just want to share what makes me vibrate,
Also, my main styles now are music House, Trance and Electro music.
And thanks in advance to my followers. Thank you very much to follow me and listen to my work, I appreciate ....